Map reading light bulb access on 2002 Chrysler Town & Country

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How do I access the interior overhead console to replace a defective courtesy/reading light bulb? I only see one phillips screw holging the console up there. By removing that screw, I was unable to access the light bulb.
(1) Answer
Easy, just use a small flat blade screw driver and gently pry downward about 1.5 inches from the front (outer edge) of the lens (where it comes to a point) and viola! it snaps free. You may want to use an old rag sandwiched between the screw driver and the console to avoid and scrapes on the console. The bulb and integrated socket mount will be easily visible and just twist it counterclockwise to remove. I'm not sure if the bulb is a dealer item or not, it will be if the bulb contacts are soldered to the grey plastic mount, hopefully it will just separate like all good bulbs should do. Good luck.