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Jeep Patriot Manual Transmission Shifting Difficulty

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Vehicles equipped with manual transmissions may become difficult to shift. The repair may involve replacing the 3rd/4th/5ht & reverse gear synchronizer rings as a set.

This is my third stick shifter, so I'm not a rookie... I've had this Patriot for about two years. Shifting seems to get rougher and rougher. Hard to get into 2nd gear, especially from 1st. Makes accelleration nearly impossible! Reverse is also hard to get into... I have missed both gears multiple times (which is probably making it worse too). This car is not any fun to drive because of this! I took it in once for something else and asking the guys at the dealership to take it for a ride and see how it shifts and they said that it way "within spec"... -
Jeep 2014 (new) Patriot manual, at 300 miles new bearings, at 3500 miles jumping out of reverse, at 6500 miles new (rebuilt) factory transmission installed allegedly, at 7000 miles on allegedly new transmission jumping out of 5th gear, Would not stay in 5th when up shifting, on level road way. At time of this report jeep in shop. in 6 months this Patriot in shop one month total. All factory warranty issues. Not a hot rodder, no dirt roads, predominately good florida roads. Drove manuals for 45 years previously. -
Manual transmission, when shifting into 3rd gear, acts as though I am not running a high enough rpm and it shakes. This happens inconsistently but is disconcerting. Seems pretty early to have transmission problems. -
have problems getting of park -
I was hearing a noise when idling and had difficulty shifting. Diagnosis was a bearing noise. All bearings were replaced along with the seals and 2nd and 3rd gears had to be replaced. -
Grinding going into 3rd gear. -
Transmission would not go into 3rd gear, instead it would endlessly grind. Took it into the dealer, who's response was to replace the entire transmission. There was no indication at the time of whether the synchro issues at hand and the problem with my Patriot were related; however, the dealer directly concluded that my synchros were "improperly calibrated from the factory," causing a significant amount of damage and mandating a replacement of the transmission, all covered by warranty. -
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