Manual Transmission needs to be replaced after 150,000mi-Is this a common issue? on 2005 Volkswagen Golf TDI

I couldn't shift into the gears anymore on a drive down the coast a few weeks back, but after a while everything was fine. When I brought it to the shop (it's a reputable place) they said it costs $5500 to replace the transmission and the clutch as well as the tire rods on the drivers side. Another shop estimated the same amount though they haven't taken a look at the car. We paid $8000 for it last April, and have been really happy with it though the interior is pretty shotty. The main question is - is it worth it to repair and keep it or is this the start of the end?

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MORE likey a clutch problem!!!.. Manual shift transmission troubles rarely come and go.... it's either broke or not.......a clutch can intermittently have issues!... Get 'another' opinion!!
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2nd opinion could save you thousands!!! Agree with both.
It is not your transmission. It is definitely something wrong with your clutch. When something goes wrong with a manual transmission itself, it typically never works again.
Have they removed the unit yet? Did you see it? Do both tie rods if you repair it.