Manual Transmission on 1992 Mercury Capri

Where is the Transmission oil check/fill bolt located on the '92 Mercury Capri 2.3 Liter non turbo engine?

by in Grand Isle, LA on November 28, 2009
3 answers
ANSWER by on November 29, 2009
try and paying for a 1 yr subscription to the factory service info for your vehicle, there are so many types of vehicles, it is best to have some reliable info.
ANSWER by on February 13, 2011
Another guy told me that you have to remove the speed sensor and fill it from there. Now I just have to locate the speed sensor.
ANSWER by on June 05, 2014
take the air box out of the car. under it will be a bolt on the top of the trans that has a wire connected to it, take that out and fill it from there. takes gl-5 80w-90 gear oil(preferebly synthetic so you dont have to keep changing it)

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