manual transmission on 1994 Dodge Stealth R/T

Developed leak from transmission, not sure where the fill plug is nor have I found the leak yet, fluid indicator coming on dash (looks like a square little house with four lines running vertical inside the box), not sure what the indicator means either, theartoftrees@hotmailcom

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I think the indicator light is for the radiator, not the transmission. Check the coolant with the engine cold. Check the condition of the radiator cap too if he coolant's low and you don't see a leak. You don't say whether you have a manual transmission or an automatic but I assume it's manual if you're looking for the fill plug, which should be on the side of the trans, about 1/2 way up from the bottom. I guess you're seeing an oil leak under the car and that's why you want to check the trans fluid level. You should be able to see where it's leaking if you're under the car looking for the fill plug. If you can't resolve this, find a Chrysler or Mitsubishi technician for help.
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