manual transmission on 2003 Mini Cooper

I took my car in for an oil change and was told that it needed to have the transmission changed because it was leaking and since it is a sealed transmission they would have to change the whole transmission. my questions are: do Mini Coopers all have "sealed transmission"? does the intire transmission have to be changed? has anyone else had this happen with their manual transmissions?

by in Emporia, KS on June 22, 2011
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ANSWER by on June 22, 2011
Find an independent Mini or BMW specialist or a transmission shop and ask them for a hands-on diagnosis. Don't just phone them, you won't get a thoughtful answer. I don't believe that the transmission would have to be replaced for a leak, sealed or not, although it may have to be removed to repair it. Also, make sure it's really leaking before getting into an expensive repair. If you want to find a Mini specialist, here's our directory link for you: PS: If you're going to an oil-changer place, don't. The good, qualified technicians don't work at those places, generally. Find a pro. Good Luck.
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