Manual traansmission getting harder to get into any gear, Likely cause? on 2004 Dodge Ram 2500

Hard to get it into 2nd and reverse, along with a little bump felt on gear shifter when going from 2nd 3rd and fourth while excelerating.

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Sounds like clutch master/slave cylinder going bad or transmission clutch springs getting going bad. Have done both, have it checked by a transmission specialist for answer of which.
any idea what each would the cost might be for one or the other or both (ballpark, hopefully less than a ballpark) and maybe someone good in Las Vegas, NV. to take it to?
There is a shop on this website in Vegas. Try the locator for your area. I can't keep track of all the different prices anymore, Age & mind goes first. On a Dodge I would rather get the clutch/slave assy from the Dealer. It's ready to go, no bleeding. The labor is not bad maybe an hour or so, not at the shop for estimator. If transmission clutch on a Dodge maybe $800.00 some places more. No worries just money. Lol
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