Manifold and overheating on 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora

I took my Aurora in for overheating. The mechanic replaced the manifold at a cost of @ $1300.00, but it kept overheating every time I drove it. I asked if it could be the head gasket and they told me no they had tested that. Long story short and @ 9 weeks in the shop, still overheating. I took it somewhere else and it was the head gasket, failed test immediately. They told me manifold caused overheating is not a common problem with this model. Have you any incidents where this has been the cause of overheating in this type of vehicle? Could continued overheating caused further damage?

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Continued driving the car with a mildly or seriously blown head gasket will only hasten more serious engine damage. The only two bulletins I see to do with overheating are an updated thermostat to improve flow and another bulletin speaks of mentions some radiators had a poor sealing surface between the radiator cap and radiator end tank.