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2009 Dodge Journey Question: Malfuntion Indicator Lamp

well my mil came on this evening and it kinda hesitaded to start up..Its running normal like any other day but the light is still on... -
Answer 1
Take it to a shop or one of the big parts chains ie. AutoZone, Advanced auto and get the codes read. When ever the MIL light comes on there is a code set in the computer, with this code someone here may be able to steer you in the right direction, but w/o the code (there are hundreds of them) we are in the dark. The codes start with the letter "P" and are followed by 4 digits. Post them here maybe we can help. -
Answer 2
Mine was doing the same thing and I took it to Auto Zone and they pulled the codes and it said that my speed sensors were bad. I now have to take it to a mechanic and have him test which sensor is bad. I have also had to change the brakes several times and I just got over the 36,000 miles. I HATE THIS CAR!!!! -