Dodge Grand Caravan Problem Report

Dodge Grand Caravan Erratic Operation of Front Windshield Wipers

(10 reports)

A malfunctioning switch in the steering column can cause the front windshield wipers to self-activate or not turn off. A failed windshield switch will require replacement.

The wipers will come on all by themselves when driving, and when the lock or unlock switch is engaged. A mystifying pain in the ass! -
The front windshield wipers just come on while I'm driving down the road. -
present for years. switch has been replaced multiple times. -
Actually Plymouth brand voyager. Started some time ago, has not become worse. -
dodge caravan windshield wiper problems -
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It does this everytime.Wipers work on low and high selection.They freeze up while on certan intermintent selections.
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wipers do not work only if pressing the switch from the side, then wipes once. The motor works...

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