Malfunctioning Headlights on Mercury Grand Marquis

Average mileage: 102,007 (15,800–290,000)
16 model years affected: 1991, 1992, 1995, 1996, more1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
224 people reported this problem
183 people shared problem details
headights go out unexspected and only have highbeams and only while I hold lever towards me. got stuck driving home an hour holding down this lever. all other lights like brake lights an tail lights an blinkers work but no headlights to see where I'm going unless I hold down that lever. there should be a recall on this safty hazard.Wànted to Let People Know Ford now has exstended t he Warranty now Repairing this Head light Problem I'm waiting for my appointment to Fix Modular or headlights :-)
Headlights..... Going on and off with no warning. After much research have found out it is the Lighting control module. It is a defective part on a 2003 model. I have called Ford Motor and they dont care!! They say they have not had enough complaints... BLAH, BLAH! This is a SAFETY ISSUE. I am going to go into a B***CH mode and fight to get this fixed by them. How would they like to be driving down the road and have their lights just go off and on! 4/172014 *****CUSTOMER SATISFACTION PROGRAM 14N01.... CHECK IT OUT, LIGHTING CONTROL MODULE WILL BE REPLACED OR REIMBURSEMENT MADE IF ALREADY HAD DONE!!!!*****
We have the same problem and I have written on the site..... If we all contact the following site and write complaints they will investigate. I have spoken to them in detail. This issue has caused us to fail inspection prior to repairing which I have documented. If you have already gotten this repaired and we all file the complaint you would be reimbursed just like a regular recall. Please, I urge everyone that has written on this site to go to the NHTSA site and file a complaint regarding your malfunctioning headlights. For the company to say it is not a safety issue is just crazy.....
Headlights Work intermittently. Sometimes when i go to open the car and the headlights come on, i know they work. But while Driving and without warning they go off and i have to hold the high beams which is known as the Flash To Pass Mode
headlights will not operate in any position of dashboard switch. The headlights ONLY operate when holding the stalk control pulled toward the driver as when flashing the high beams, AND, only the high beams will illuminate. VERY DEADLY! Resolution: Dealer diagnostic $75. Lengthy search by dealer for part...when finally found, paid $675 to have the LCM replaced. HINT - Get you defective LCM returned to you. There are 3rd party companies that could possibly repair it in the future. SaxMan, Nashua NH
The headlights are set to auto mode and they have started shutting off at night for no reason. They will not work when switch is turned to manual or auto. Very dangerous and I have heard that this is a common problem. File complaints with federal and state gov'ts - Consumer Product Safety Commission.
The car had 64600 miles on it and the headlights started going out while driving, which can be very dangerous. The problem is in the Light Control Module which is an expensive part (around $500 to $600 + labor).
Parked my 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis in a loading zone with the hazard lights on for approximately 10 minutes. Went to turn the lights on to leave and could not get headlights to turn on. Only the high beams with the lever pulled toward me on the column would work. I haven't fixed it yet because of the cost. It's happened 3 times since then. Not happy with Ford if they don't recognize they have an issue in this area. I have purchased Ford products most of my adult life and think this is a lousy to pay back a loyal customer.
Head lights go on and off, day time mostly at night. High beams work fine. All fuses are fine. Is there away to bypass the sensors and have the low beams on all the time? Thanks, Tom
First of all, my headlights would not go off.. I had to remove the fuse in order to turn them off. It corrected itself. Now they won't go on, no matter which mode the switch is in. I was told that the problem is in the turn signal/high beam switch. I'm waiting for my mechanic to get the part.
headlights go out when driving.very dangerous.
Driving at night the headlights just go off and on What is the problem and how to fix it
Headlights will not come on in any position. Ive been sitting in a parking lot for an hr and a half waiting for them to come on!!!!!
Same as others report. Lights go off without warning and can not be turn on. Fix none go back with the same part that will just do it again. Solution Form a CLASS ACTION against FORD go to the national news and DOT and NTB. Pickett ford dealers and Youtube video and expose unfair practices in the FNI dept of dealerships regarding people with 725 to 825 getting sub-prime credit because ford allowed a four point pad to be added for those unaware of their credit score. I was there saw it done. Ford you should have paid for the fix it is going to cost you a lot more to be wrong. Your car is unsafe at any speed with the lights off. I will bleed FORD to death and it will not stop until ford is dead or starts making cars that are safe!!!!
Headlights would go out after driving a short distance, like ten minutes. would not come back on. Shop replaced multifunction switch. Did not fix problem. Cost 226.36. Now have vehile at Ford Dealership. They say no recall on this problem. Going to call Ford and anybody else I can think of.
My Grand Marquis with 59000 miles has same problem as all the others reported here.... Lights simply go off... Holding the flash on provides light and overrides problem....temporarily. I called NHTSA 888-327-4236.... Filed complaint. They gave me the number for Ford 800-392-3673...Told them the problem and that I had filed a complaint with NHTSA.... Ford looked in their files and said they had a "Consumer Satisfaction Letter" on file dealing exactly with my problem. While I was on the line, Ford called my local Lincoln/Mercury dealer, Ford told the dealer service guy (Mike) my problem and that Ford has a "CSL" on file covering my problem. Mike came on the line and we made an appointment for tomorrow. Ford and the dealer confirmed that the fix including diagnostics,labor and parts will cost me zero...... Will let you all know how it all turns out........Now two days later.... Just returned from Lincoln/Mercury dealer..... Replaced Light Control Module no cost to me. Ford now has extended warranty on this part and has sent a letter dated April 21,2014 to all owners of cars with this part. Fix for free... Good thing because the dealer was going to charge me $819!
Mercury Grand Marquis lights go out while driving
Coming home to Arkansas from Peoria IL just north of Saint Joseph MO and the headlights go out. Drove over 200 miles holding the flash to pass in the on position only high beams. I guess from reading and from checking the wiring schematic the problem seems to be the lighting control module. Just paid 1100 dollars to repair the climate control system. This car is costing me more than it is worth.
No solution. Just appalled at the prices most people are reporting for this small part. I thought having a newer, lower mileage car would save me all these expenses. Don't know when this actually started since I mostly drive it during the day. Planning a trip to Texas and now am not trusting this car. I will have to try the holding the high beams on thing, in case we can't get it fixed before the trip.
Headlights go out intermittently, you have to use your passing light by pulling lever toward you to get lights to work. Do this several times and lights will come back on. Very dangerous.
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