malfunction light is on on 1996 Lexus LS400

When I am stopping the car has a noticeable downshift and sounds louder. The malfunction light came on. Sounds like transmission. Could it be dirty fluid?

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my malfunction light (engine lighht) stays on, what is the problem?
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mine did this.. if u change the trans filter, check the screen in the filter, if it is dirty, or has carbon or dirt looking particles, then your transmission is ruined. the particles are pieces of your clutch plates.. also if when u stop, if the rpms drom really low and it acts like its about to die but then downshifts and u can feel it, then its def ur transmission. im going through this right now.. it sucks cus thats an expensive fix. :/
heres my email to contact me, it would be too difficult to help u out over this site, if you would like. i have had alot of things wrong with this car and know quite a bit..