Malfunction Indicator Lamp on 2000 Honda CR-V

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The malfunction indicator lamp has come on and stays on. I'm off work without pay.Cannot afford trip to mechanic. Should I be worried about this or is there something I can do myself.Water and oil levels are ok.
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First step is to check your gas cap. If that cap is loose that will make the light come on. Tighten the cap and drive the car for a day. If the light doesn't go off that means something else is the cause.
Any time the check engine light is on it is an indicator that there is something wrong, but it is impossible to determine if it is serious or not without getting the computer scanned. Some parts stores will scan the computer for codes at no cost. This is not as thorough as taking to your mechanic for a complete check out but it should give you some idea of what is wrong.
If the light starts to flash at you that indicates serious problems and I would take it in to your mechanic immediately.
its tight
I have a 2008 Yaris my malfunction indicator lamp just came on yesterday. Does anyone have an idea why what does it mean
I had same problem with Toyota Prado 2005 model, found that gas cap was loose and water from wiper tank was less. Fill the water, tighten the gas tank. Drive then stop the car. You dont see that light again.
my name is majid and i m not macanice but i can give u best salution of this doo one thing when u stope car at night open battery both plug and in morning fix againe u will see light will go if its go replay me on
Majid you write horrible english mannn!!! And on top of it giving us wrong advise?
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depending on the model of CR-V, if u disconnect the battery the anti theft system will kill the radio until u call a dealership and get a code...its a hassle. and im pretty sure it wont help
yes i checked the water and oil level
you might want to go to autozone,Advance and have them check to see if it has any codes. If it does they will tell you what each code means. That my best answer to see what the problem is with out having to spend any money.