making tapping noise. on 1999 Ford Ranger

have had the camshaft sync changed, just had the cluthch and release bearing changed yesterday, changed out rear mian seal while changing clutch changed oil and filter when changed clutch. drove about 10 miles shut the truck off for about 2 hrs when I crank it now it makes a tapping or knocking noise for a minute or so. didnt do it before i had clutch,oil seal and oil changed. any ideas/

by in Indianapolis, IN on March 03, 2013
0 answers
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ne, but fades away after running a few minutes,there is a random clicking noise after tapping fades?Truck starts and runs fine,oil pressure comes right up and dose'nt fluctuate.The noise is worst a...
earlier in questionaire i described issues i was having after having clutch and release bearing replaced. now it seems that it makes the tapping noise when i crank it for about 30 seconds and stops...
This only happens when not pressing gas pedal and truck is coasting.
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