1997 Ford Windstar Q&A

1997 Ford Windstar Question: Makes a vibrating sound

While im driving as i give it gas the car makes a vibrating sound I dont know if it just needs a new fuel filter or what???? -
Answer 1
So hard to guess at a sound with out being able to drive the vehicle first hand and experience the problem. A vibration like you describe is likely to be the exhaust rubbing due to a filed exhaust rubber hanger or engine mount that is allowing the engine to flex "too much". Vibrations on acceleration are often caused by damaged or cracked exhaust heat shields. -
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The vibrating is heavy and comes randomly while I'm driving any suggestions on what could be causing my problem?
A knocking noise from the upper engine area may indicate a loose intake runner. Our technicians tell us if this is the case, replacement of the upper intake clamshell will be necessary.