Major tune up? on 1993 Toyota Camry

I just brought a 93 Toyota Camry from a auction. What is the running price for a major tune up on a 93 Toyota Camry?

by in Detroit, MI on February 23, 2009
2 answers
ANSWER by on February 24, 2009
A 60,000 mile service will run around $500.00. This is considered a major service on your vehicle. If the timing belt needs replacement it will be a few hundred more!
ANSWER by on February 28, 2009
Tune up parts (distributor cap, rotor, and platinum plugs) and labor should be about $100-$125, including parts ($45 est.). If you replace the spark plug wires (every 100,000 miles is a must) it'll run about $65 extra (wires are $40-$45 plus labor). Guess this could be 25% higher in northern states. Don't ask a dealer to do this, unless you do want to donate an extra $400 for nothing. Timing belts are needed every 100,000 or so miles to be safe. Assume yours has never been replaced. You can take a chance and not replace it and let it break whenever. Mine lasted til 225,000 miles before it snapped. Tow job was free, and paid $125 to replace in 2007.
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