Maintenance & service issues on 2007 BMW 335i

Can anyone provide any issues that you have experienced or have heard of, with this vehicle? I've had to replace the high pressure fuel pump twice. Thank you

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We have had our car into the shop many times. They finally replaced the fuel pump. They had to replace it twice to get it right. The 335i has a "catastrophic fuel pump failure" and has all kinds of symptoms. We have contacted BMW USA and they have offered to take our car back due to the California lemon laws. It's sad because we love the car, but don't love having it into the shop every month. Why doesn't BMW solve this problem, and at least admit it to the consumer?
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I am very curious as to your symptoms for your fuel pump. I have had the car in the shop 5 times in two years for the same issue. My engine cuts out when I accelerate. Fault lights come on. They have nto reparied the fuel pump yet. I did report all my issues to BMW North america. As I write this the car is in the shop again.
Have you replaced the fuel filter regularly? Sometimes with the "no maintenance costs for 50,000 miles" they forget/decline to change some of the basics like fuel filters and this will put a tremendous on fuel pumps. The part number is 16 11 7 163 295 so the fuel filter does exist.
Hi Dan.. your posting is still up, so I decided to take a crack at your you have the DIY proceedures for replacing the fuel filter on the 335i? Thanks in advance Dan!
The 335i is notorious for fuel system problems. The high pressure fuel pump is under warranty by BMW up to 120,000 miles or 10 years. Its an expensive fix so if they can honor the repair have them do it for free. Otherwise we can handle it.
Fun to drive, but have had nonstop problems with windows and mirrors. Windows roll down at their own will, and side mirrors turn to the sky or down to the road when vehicle in motion. Convertible top motor blown resulting in cosmetic damage, and despite repair now comes down crooked. The ownership experience is less pleasurable that with a simple Saturn Vue.
We had a castastrophic fuel pump failure. They wouldn't admit to it, of course but they did buy our car back under the California "lemon law".