maintenance required on 2006 Scion xA

I bought the car with 400,000 miles on it. (a good looking car) no dents scratches. Interior looks good also. My daughter drove the car 45 min to Chicago and back. Now the maintenance reqd light is coming on. Also check engine light comes on. What are the possible problems and estimate?

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The maintenance required light comes on every 5K miles as a reminder for oil changes. You need to reset the light or have the shop do it when they svc the vehicle. There is nothing wrong with the car.
Also, the Check Engine Light can mean ANYTHING, engine, fuel lines, etc. Take it to an auto Zone and they'll do a computer readout for free and give you the codes.

Mine was on... because I lost my gas cap.
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I suppose you meant 40,000 miles. The check engine light indicates that your car's computer detected a fail condition in the emissions control system. With the help of a qualified technician you will need to retrieve the engine codes stored in the vehicle's computer to diagnose the problem.
No I actually bought is at almost $400,000 mies. I believe the person I bought it from drove it only to go out of state.The seats are not worn out front and back. Also nothing on the car is broken.