1992 Dodge Ram Van B250 Q&A

1992 Dodge Ram Van B250 Question: maintenance reminder light

Could you please tell me how to reset this reminder light ? PS.this is not the check engine light... Thank You -
Answer 1
1 Turn the ignition switch to the "on" position. Do not start the engine. 2 Depress the accelerator pedal fully, three times within 10 seconds. 3 Turn the ignition switch to the "off" position. 4 Start the engine. If the oil change light illuminates and stays lit, repeat the previous steps. -
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This procedure has nothing to do with the Maintenance Reminder Light. Has nothing to do with oil change intervals. -
Answer 2
On 1990-95 models, after necessary emission maintenance has been performed, connect Diagnosis Read-Out Box II (DRB II) to the on-board diagnosis connector. See images above. On all models, Follow instructions indicated by DRB II tool. not too easy on the older models Roy -
Answer 3
Any tech that can scan OBD 1 can reset this light. That means a snapon,OTC or any scanner that does OBD 1 -
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Thank you Very Much,,,,Mike -