2005 BMW 745i Q&A

2005 BMW 745i Question: maintenance light

how to reset engine maintenance light -
Answer 1
Remove ground from battery.Wait 10-20 seconds.Put back the ground on battery.That will clear the code in the cars conputer. -
Answer 2
If you tried disconnecting the battery, already which more than likely did not work and hopefully did not cause the vehicle to loose the radio code, the only way to get a service light off a BMW is to take it to an authorized BMW shop. -
Answer 3
press a buton on cluster,hold 20-30sec, dan u se list on left sait of cluster,chuse wotever you nided to reset by presing a youower buton on signal light swich,dan you see right sait of cluster and press cluster butonand hold ,you can resest all lights ,brakes,filters,alll -