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2003 Mercedes-Benz E500 Question: Maintenance cost on 2003 E500

I'm new to the world of Mercedes and I'm looking to buy an 2003 E500 w/ 80k miles on it for 14,600 with tages and taxes. I want to know what maintenance questions should I ask about and also, if maintence on this vehicle for routine stuff going to be costly! Thanks! -
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I am not a Mercedes expert and I hope one of our other techs pick up this question. I do work primarily on Asian cars but do work and used to work on a lot of European cars. I am biased now toward recommending Asian cars as they seem more reliable and overall costs to maintain seem to be less over the long run. Certainly try to obtain all the service records for the car as you can, if it was dealer serviced try to get the name of the dealer and get all the records printed for your personal records. When I am buying a car or purchasing a car with a customer it adds value to see a detailed service history and good records. For curiosity call your local Mercedes dealer ship and or local independent Mercedes specialist and ask how much an eighty and ninety thousand mile service would be and what they recommend to look out for or do as preventative maintainence. -
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Hi Dudley...I have an 03 E500 with $53,000...did you make your purchase yet? You can contact me at 559 2590921 as mine is for sale also..black on black and loaded. Thanks. -
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AshlieMarie, Have you sold your car yet? My email address is hazellboo30@hotmail.com Thanks! -
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If you're still interested, I have a 2003 E500 with 130,000 in excellent condition, paint is sharp. Most of it's life dealer serviced, Economy is rough, can't make payments. Willing to sell $9,000. Black with ivory interior. Jim jdpartnership@gmail.com -
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