maintenance on 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid

just receive a notice from car that will did maintenance requires soon what to do

by in Staten Island, NY on December 13, 2010
2 answers
ANSWER by on December 13, 2010
Take the car to a Toyota specialist and get your maintenance up to date. Here's a directory link for you:
ANSWER by on December 29, 2010
If the car is running OK do nothing. When the Maintenance light comes on steady you will have to manually put the light out. Get your owner's manual and you will find how to put the light out. I have 102,000 miles on my car and have only changed the oil and filter when required. If you have lots of money, you can go to the Toyota Dealer and pay Megabucks for all the service that they recommend. Change your oil & Filter (5000miles), Air Filter (12000 miles)and have your brakes checked (40000 miles). Remember, if your CHECK ENGINE light comes on, head for your Maintenance Dealer.
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