Maintenance on 2005 Honda CR-V

I have new spark plugs installed, done the fuel injection cleaning, & replaced all air filters. Why am I still experiencing hard starting? Also, the vehicle comes to a slow down when I take off my foot from the gas pedal. Accelerating is also poor, not what it used to be.

by in Houston, TX on February 04, 2011
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ANSWER by , February 04, 2011
Find a Honda specialist and get the fuel pressure checked. Also, FYI, if you put the gas pedal down to the floor when starting, it cuts off the fuel as a 'flooding' clearing feature, so don't use much pedal (if any - shouldn't need to, it's automatically controlled) when starting. Here's a directory link for you:
COMMENT by , February 04, 2011
Thank you, I will have them checked the fuel pressure as adviced.
COMMENT by , April 26, 2012
well it can be the fuel filter dirty, too. it is good to keep clean the air intake and the Throtle body, did you solve the problem??