Maintenance on 2001 Nissan Xterra

have just had oil change every 3 months + lube and belts checked. I would like to drive this for at least 5 more years. What else should I be having done?

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I would change ALL the fluids every 30,000, that is the trans, coolant, differential fluid and P/S fluid. Tune your motor every 30K with all new filters. Do the air filter every year or 12k. Flush your brakes every 30k And by all means, use a top quality Synthetic oil. If your valves are adjustable, do them every 30K. This is a start. Try to find an independent Nissan shop that knows their stuff about preventative care. Keep a detailed record.
You can look in your owners manual about your valves. It should mention it somewhere in the maintenance schedule. And, you can use to look for shops in your area that specialize in Nissan or Japaneese cars.
How do I know if the valves are adjustable? The Nissan dealer I purchased this new from, tried to get me to do all kinds of work. Brakes, etc. I checked with an independent shop and another Nissan. They both said the work was unnecessary. I drove for three years before that work was needed. Unfortunately, in this economic climate, the only dealer within 40 miles is the one I purchased from. How do I find and independent Nissan shop?