main fan motor fuse (30A) keeps on blowing on 2008 Honda Civic

I have a Honda Civic 2008
the main fan motor fuse (30A) keeps on blowing every time I replace
now am driving with this blown fuse and AC is not working and I dont know what to do

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Agree with greg. You are talking about the fan inside of the car and not the radiator fan right??
Am talking about radiator fan
I was driving and it was very hot outside, suddenly I realized that the AC is not working, I mean no cooling but fan is working
The incomming air was even hotter than outside, the engine temperature gone toi high
I pulled over and stopped the car
I opened the hood and again started the car, I found that the left radiator fan is working but the right one is not
I checked the fuse box and found that the main motor radiator fan fuse is blown up
I replaced it with the defogger fuse which was same ampere (30A) and started the engin....the right fan worked again and I thought that the problem was solved
I drove the car again and the AC was working then after couple minutes the engine temp got high again and the AC stopped cooling
I pulled over and checked the fuse and found it blown up again
Ok, MOST likely that fan motor is failing, you can unplug that fan to see if fuse blows again however the car will act the same as if the fuse were bad again but this will tell you if it is the fan motor, IF the fuse does not blow this time, replace the fan motor or fan assembly. That's my suggestion, i am sure others are available!
Ok I'll try it
With AC ON or OFF ?
Ac on but without the fan it may not work properly! This fan helps reduce comperssor head pressure and the compressor switch will cut the comp. off and on, so expect that!
I tried :(
I unplugged the right side radiator fan aka main motor fan
I put a new 30A fuse instead of the blown one
Started engine then powered AC with the fan as I realized that in my Civic 2008 AC cant be turned on without the fan
I drove the car about 2 km and the AC was not working properly as you said
Then I pulled over and stopped engine and plugged in the right side radiator fan again
Started engine while AC is still off, checked the fan "its off"
Turned the AC on and quickly checked the fan...its working properly
Then quickly openned the fuse box to observe whats happening to this new 30A fuse

My observation
The fan was running efficiently for about 10 to 15 seconds
The fuse took also 10 to 15 seconds to blow up

Please help me, the weather is very hot in the morning and for the last 2 days am going work like a wet dog
It sounds to ME like a problem with either the A/C compressor or the fan. Mechanic needed for hands on inspection. This fan and the compressor work in unison! The other fan is for engine cooling when at normal operating temp.
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ck blower motor plug for shorted or burn't wires
Hey I have the same problem.. Have you figured out what's wrong?? I took it to 2 shops and neither could tell
Tell me what was wrong....??:(
I took it to one shop and he checked it and said that the fan need to be replaced, I said but's working
He said it's "loaded" in other words not working properly
I was going to dismantle it my self but it seems complicated
I will replace it at honda service but when I have money to do it, in the mean time am driving without A/C :( in Qatar but thank god temperature is below 40 now :)
Well i be dipped!
Loaded ?? Reply they told me the fan is good
Does your car overheat???
As long as am not turning A/C on, everything is normal
Temp. Is in the midway even if its 40 outside

He told me some other word in arabic that means "loaded", am not sure he is right but anyway I'll get it checked at Honda service centre
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