MAF failure. Running in limp-mode on 2003 Chevrolet S10

My truck went into limp mode. Buddy's "system check" said I had problems with my MAF. Replaced...and doing the same thing. Three wires to the MAF: Reading 5V Bk to Yl, 13V Bk to Rd. Is harness the problem? Worried about $$$$. Does the computer need to be reset? Will unhooking the battery reset the computer? Thanks, Steve

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It can take some time for the computer to readjust after changing a faulty component. Disconnecting the battery may or may not reset the computer, try it. Is your truck running poorly? If so, see how it runs with the air flow sensor disconnected. It should run fairly normally with the sensor unplugged. If you are still running bad with the sensor unplugged then you have another proplem. Sometimes when an engine is running poorly for another reason an air flow sensor code and be set.