Chrysler 300 Problem Report

Chrysler 300 Squeak From Steering Column While Turning

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A squeak may be heard from the base of the steering column while turning the steering wheel. The noise may be coming from the lower seal on the steering shaft. Lubrication of the seal will commonly correct this problem.

Yea, we pay $50,000 for these tin cans only to listen to the steering groan every time we turn the steering wheel. Had my steering column replaced, then not long after the groan returns. You can bet the dealers will discount these cars when you try to trade them in. And guess what, Chrysler want you to purchase their extender warranty. -
I've detected a squeak/rubbing noise when I turn left or right when the car is stopped or moving very slow while turning around or backing up. At this point I haven't lubricated the lower steering column seal. -
Same exact noise is happening to me too. -
I have a 2008 Chrysler 300 Touring and I have this same issue. -
when i am driving and make a turn left and right and also parallel parking the car squeaks bad on the outside -
Squeaking noise heard turning to the left or right when driving or sitting still -
After about 5000 miles, my 2012 Chrysler 300c began to make a soft, low-pitched "groan" when the steering wheel was turned. This would only happen after the car was warm by either use or sunshine. Problem fixed temporarily by dealer who subricated "both boot shafts" in the steering. ans of now, 3-days later the prblem is beginning to return. Disappointed, but the car is GREAT in every other respect - (so far). -
Squeak may be heard from steering wheel when turning -
Not fixed looking for recalls before spending money to fix the problem -
when i turn the wheel only while parking makes a loud crunching noise -
there is a recall on my car -
This issue occurs on my 300S v6 as well, but during cold weather. Once driven a bit, the squeak stops. -
very when turn lower column noise -
Noise when turning. Worse in the winter month Feb. 2015 -
The car making squeaky noise while I turning the steering wheel and while hitting a speed bump. -
while parking and turning squealing noise in the steering shaft and a popping sounds -
Started reporting a moan in the steering wheel at around 5000 miles. Every time I took it to the dealer, they "didn't hear it". Now at 24,000 miles, they did lubricate the steering wheel boot. I'm afraid this will only mask the issue until the warranty expires, then I'll be stuck with it. -
Its squeaks every time I turn the wheel. Tried lubrication but doesn't work -
I just got mine a month ago and started smelling it a couple of weeks ago -
same, no solution will try lubricating as mentioned -
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