Dodge Charger Problem Report

Dodge Charger Squeak From Steering Column While Turning

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A squeak may be heard from the base of the steering column while turning the steering wheel. The noise may be coming from the lower seal on the steering shaft. Lubrication of the seal will commonly correct this problem.

Loud squeaking noise when turning the wheel either left or right. Doesn't just happen when it is cold outside. The car's been to the dealer twice for this issue and the squeak still comes back. -
Overnight everything is squeaking ,when I turn the wheel right to left also standing still just push car up and by rocking also produces a squeak I am being told that the ball joints are the cause.I have not not taken to dealer since my 100,000 mile warranty expired before the 100,000 since 6 years came first.I just replaced some front end products at a cost of over 800.00 and replaced all for tires.Just a note my radiator has blown off the top hose twice at idle and second time cost me a new radiator. -
Same issue... steering wheel squeaks in certain positions while turning... very annoying on a new car. Took it to the dealership and they looked at me like they had never heard of the problem before and apparently it's quite a popular problem..... -
It takes about 4min for the car to heat up, but before it does a bad smell comes out from the ventilation. This bothers me -
My car squeaks when turning left or right and a clunk when going over dips.Is lubing replacing column gasket a relatively inexpensive do it your self.I have a warranty but it has a $100.00 deductible where I bought it used don't want to spend a 100 bucks to have them squirt some lube. -
squeeky noise comming from the steering wheel.when i turn it -
In the early morning (especially during cold weather), I hear a squeaking noise coming from my steering wheel as I turn it. Not sure of the cause to this problem. -
I have had a severe squeak for a while when turning the car and going over bumps. I thought replacing the lower control arm would fix it seeing as the bushings were worn and cracked. The noise seems to come on after I have been driving for about 15 minutes. I can hear it by the front wheel on the drivers side. -
Car squeaks bad when i turn or hit a bump..had struts..ball joints and lower and upper control arms..and it still squeaks..was told i need a steering colon..that cost over $2000 dodge chargers suck -
passenger front window will not go up, all others are fine. -
Squeaks when turning a lot of the time -
When I turn the steering wheel it squeaks loudly -
Squeak just started on my RT. I had an '07 SE that had the same issue, but worse. This is definitely an issue with Chargers. If the dealer tells you it's the first they've heard of it, they're lying. -
I have that same problem but ist seems to go away and come back. I think i have noticed it on cold days in the fall and winter months. Just not so much in the summer -
Mine started squeakin at 30000 miles -
Squeaking while turning wheel at any time -
My sounds like a rubbing noise. Have had it lubricated several times and it never solves the problem. -
clicking noise on steering column -
I hear a squeaky noise every now and then when turning my steering wheel. Most of the time when I hear the noise its early in the morning -
rubbing noise comes from steering columm turning either way when cold out. no other problems since new. -