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1980 West Market Street, Akron, OH 44313

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Lube Stop
March 18, 2014

I've patronized the Lube Stop at 1980 West Market Street in Akron, OH for years. My last 2 visits have convinced me to find another service center. The "hard sell" at this location is ridiculous. If I tell the tech I do not want a light bulb, an air filter, radiator flush or synthetic oil my wishes should be respected not challenged. My last visit will be my last visit EVER to Lube Stop. I reiterated to the tech, no less than 20 times, that I was there for an oil change and only an oil change. I was subjected to a lecture on the benefits of synthetic oil – when I replied I was not interested he continued to tell me the error of my thought process and why I should be using synthetic oil to protect my engine. After moving to the service bay, I was told my in cabin air filter needed replaced. I will note, it was not even inspected on this visit. It was inspected last visit, I declined replacing it at that time and chose to replace it myself – which I did. When I advised I had replaced it, the tech looked incredulous. Minutes later, he appears again at my window to lecture me on my air filter, which I replaced 720 miles earlier. I can state that matter of factly because when I got home I pulled it myself and checked the date and mileage I had written on the side of the filter when I last replaced it. I simply said to him, thanks but just re-install it. Before re-installing it – I had to hear the importance of a clean filter speech. By this point I was losing my sense of humor. He appeared at my window several more times telling me I needed a radiator flush, a back blub and it would be a good time to start thinking about changing a timing belt - a timing belt my mechanic had replaced last year. I understand you make your money on selling extras but if that hard sell is driving your customers away it might be time to rethink things. My last vision when starting my car to drive away was an elderly lady at the bay next to me looking distraught as she too was probably being told she needed $1000.00 worth of work when she just came for an oil change. Drive less than a quater mile West to the 10 Minute Lube - they will not belittle and harrass you like Lube Stop.

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Lube Stop
September 07, 2012

I received an oil change, new filters, changed bulb on my break light at the Lube Stop in Akron OH on W. Market St.. The next day I attempted to travel about 200 miles from home to see an ill Aunt. On the way my engine blew. I was stranded 45 minutes from my destination and 2 hours away from home. I had a 1 yr old child with me and 3 others. I called Lube Stop and was completely taken aback by there reaction to my dire situation. I told them that it was possible that they didnt put oil back in my car. They belittled me, They yelled at me and even threatened to take ME to court. I was in tears. I didnt know what to do. I had my vehicle towed home and got a rental to get back home -AT MY EXPENSE. I even complained to CORP Lube Stop and they basically denied my request for any help and said that they will refuse any responsibility. A Repair shop in my hometown discovered that LubeStop put TRANSMISSION FLUID in my oil tank which caused catastraphic damage to my engine. Now, I am without a vehicle and plan on pursuing reimbursement immediately. I do not recommend anyone to go to any LUBE STOP location. They are in need of cust. service skills .And to say the least, --retraining of there mechanics and termination of the store manager!

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