2003 BMW 330Ci Q&A

2003 BMW 330Ci Question: Lower Control Arm Bushings

Need to replace lower control arm bushings, but did not see them on the estimate list. Looking for price. Thank you. -
Answer 1
you are not going to see labor for control arm bushings only, because in order to replace the bushing you have to remove the control arm and the bushing will be extra less than 30 m charge Thank you -
Comment 1
Then why I am I getting estimates from $550-700.00 to replace? What's a fair price to pay? -
Comment 2
the parts for the bushings about 100 ea the labor both side 3.5h less than 500 in my shop but i don't know abou others -
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Failure of the front control arm bracket bushings—often referred to as thrust rod bushings—is moderately common. One symptom is a clunk or jolt felt in the steering when braking.