Low tire pressure warning on 2008 Toyota 4Runner

I have a 2008 Toyota 4-Runner w/about 40,000 miles. Recently, the dummy light for low tire pressure illuminated so I promptly aired them all up to tire manufacturers specs. Is there some magic trick to extinguishing this light? I have been all through the owners manual to no avail. Tell me this isn't another nickel and dime mechanism put in place for the dealer to make a buck off of the vehicle owner.

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If you make sure all your tires are at the appropriate pressure - matching the plackard on the door jam, and you also make sure the spare tire is inflated to the correct pressure -- then the light will go out on it's own. Perhaps even by the time you get this response'! It takes some driving.

However - there could be a fault too -- so if it does not go out, you will indeed have to see a repair facility.
I had this issue when the pressure was to high. go to discount tire they will check them for free. dont forget to have them check the spare