Acura TSX Problem Report

Acura TSX Low Tire Light on Due to Faulty Tire Pressure Sensor

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A faulty tire pressure sensor may cause illumination of the low tire warning light even if tire pressure are correct. If this condition occurs the affected sensor(s) should be replaced.

Purchased 2012 TSX in August 2014 and began experiencing "low tire pressure" warning on tire has proper pressure. Also, Bluetooth Hands Free doesn't stay connected with my mobile phone for more than a day or two so we are constantly having toreprogram. This is a nuisance when driving and an incoming call comes on my mobile phone. I must then pull over to take call and reprogram Bluetooth connection. Ugh! -
low tire light on tire that appears to be perfect -
Low tire pressure light continues to stay on. Took into shop and they said the sensors are bad! Just bought the car in July of 2013 with 54,000 miles on it. -
TSX 2013 just got this car and the tire pressure light keeps going on and off........... if they have had this issue since 2005 then why doesn't Acura FIX IT! -
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