Mazda Mazda3 Problem Report

Mazda Mazda3 Low Speed Stalling when Accellerator is Lightly Pressed and Released

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A low speed stall when the throttle pedal is slightly pressed and released may mean the Engine Control Module (ECM) needs to be reflashed (updated).

I just bought this car two days ago and I am having the same problem. Yay. -
Engine seems to be "testing" more frequently than before. CEL intermittant and now permanent. Vehicle stalls after spending time at freeway speeds. Rough idle. Stalls or nearly stalls at stop lights. Hard start after refilling gas tank during long trips. No resolution yet. -
Once in a while the engine will idle VERY low and when the gas pedal is pressed then released to up the revs it may dip below where it was idling and stall. -
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