low rpm's after it is warmed up?? on 1997 Honda Civic

after my hoda civic is warmed up and in park or stiting at a stop light the rpms get very low and feels like my honda is about to die and it happens more often when it is hot outside i have already changed plugs wires coil cap and rotor and still has not gone away? what can i do???

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got the fix that worked the TPS sendor needed to be replace and recaliberated was reading negative 5 on scan tool and it worked
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There is a gold idle screw on the throttle body that may need adjusting, as well as another idle adjusting set screw under the pulley that opens the throttle body. also, it could be your map sensor.
changed map and did not work there are no idle adjustment screws on this modal honda thay where on the older modals
could be idle sensor, any check engine lites on?
there is no check engine light and no stored codes