Nissan Altima Problem Report

Nissan Altima AC Not Cold Due to Pressure Hose Leak

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The AC system may blow warm air due to refrigerant loss caused by a leaking low pressure AC hose. These hoses commonly develop a leak at the hose crimp connection.

Heat works only when moving and air conditioning blows whatever temperature is outside -
A/C not cool. Replaced pressure hose. -
I had a new engine put in my car in 2010 due to an engine recall and every since my car has not been the same. My air conditioner is blowing hot air I had it serviced but now Nissan is claiming I need to put over $1200 to get new hoses but I refuse to put another penny into this car. I will never purchase another Nissan! -
Looks like a tiny pin prick hole near the crimped area. -
Leak detected at front connection using blacklight detection. -
Both hoses are leaking... -
Ac problem, hat air -
Low pressure AC hose leaking. Still waiting for it to be replaced. -
replaced pressure hose...$400 -
A/C Low pressure line leaking. Estimate cost to fix 350 -
a/c hose gone bad -
the ac just stopped blowing cold air -
Same problem. -
Coolant leaking -
Air blowing warm. Toxic coolant was leaking onto cabin filter. Cost $2282. to repair. Nissan did absorb cost for compresser due to low mileage. -
A/c hose leaking leaving a/c to blow not so cool air. I am definitely getting rid of this car!! Going back to Toyota!! -
Mechanic replaced low pressure A/C hose. It was leaking at the crimped fitting -
AC pressure hose leak - small hole -
2 holes at top and one at bottom crimp. -
Ac blowing hot air! -
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