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2004 Ford F-150 Question: Low oil pressure light keeps coming on and it turns off when stop at a red light

My truck, the f150 is giving me problems. Last thursday it wouldn't turn on. So i got someone to jump start it. It worked. So when i got home that day I switch the ford expedition battery to the f150 till I buy a new battery for it. The problem now is that when I stop at a red light and i'm slowing down the engine turns off, and it beebs and tells me low oil pressure. Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be? -
Answer 1
Yes , the engine is stalling , that causes a loss of oil pressure , then the oil pressure sensor/sender causes the light to come on. Is the check engine light on....WHILE the truck is running?? -
Comment 1
The check engine light does not come on -