Low oil Pressure led to replace timing chain now aluminum in oil pan on 1999 Mercury Cougar

My Low Oil pressure light came on and I dropped the pan cleaned out the Oil Pump intake screen and the car ran for a day. The Timing Chain was slaping something, so I had that replaced. I was driving on the highway (one day after the timing chain and guides were replaced) and the car died. I now have low oil pressure and the car sounds funny when running (when it decides to start). I dropped the pan again only to find aluminum in the pan. It could be the main bearings but I thought I would hear something catastrophic. Could it be something the mechanic did when he put on the timing chain? Any Ideas?

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Your best bet is to return to the shop that did the timing chain. I'm concerned that you had them perform a major repair and your car is not running properly after that repair--that shouldn't happen, and since they've had the engine apart, they are in a better position than anyone to diagnose.