low idle, stalling, no check engine light on 2002 Dodge Dakota

i have a 2002 dodge dakota with 118xxx miles, there is no check engine light. but it will drop down to 500rpm and sometimes stall out. i have replaced the tps but no luck, if i reset the computer then it runs fine for about 200 miles then starts acting up again. any ideas?

by in Valrico, FL on May 06, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on May 06, 2010
You can try cleaning the throttle body of your 2002 Dodge Dakota. Using a shop towel and some aerosol brake cleaner, open the throttle valve and clean the deposits from the throttle bore. These deposits restrict air flow and can cause a low idle condition. If this does not help you may have a sticking idle air control valve.
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