Low Fuel Pressure on 1990 Ford Ranger

This truck waz running fine!! filled up the gas and as I waz turning a corner it died!! Replaced the fuel pump and it still wouldnt start!! I only have 20-24lbs of pressure on the fuel rail but have 60lbs of pressure coming through the fuel filter!! replaced the fuel regulator and disconnected the gas line and blue them out and for some reason i still only have 20lbs of fuel pressure on the fuel rail!!! This is a head scratcher!! Can any body help???

by in Tulia, TX on February 28, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on February 28, 2011
1. If pressure is low but greater than 3 psi (indicates fuel pump is running but not enough pressure) check for: o Plugged fuel filter o Kinked fuel line o Low voltage to pump (should be without 0.5 volts of battery voltage at connector). o Disconnect the fuel return line and note if fuel is being returned during this low pressure condition. If fuel is being returned, replace the fuel pressure regulator. Reconnect the fuel return line.
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