Low Coolant Level on 2000 Lincoln LS

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With the start of the summer season brought on a lot of problems with my car. 1) It started over heating - had the coolant fan replaced. 2) Car is still over heating once all the antifreeze runs out. So within the last 6 - 8 weeks I have refilled the antifreeze twice. There are no signs of leaks on the ground and none in the oil.
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Really need to have your cooling system Diagnosed. I hope that the shop replaced the thermostat, because they get ruined when an engine over heats. is the fan working? Is it coming on, because possibly the fan controls were a problem as well.
No they did not replace the thermostat. The fan is working..... Car doesn't over heat as much just when the coolant level is low. So im looking at it being the headgasket at the worst... possibly the thermostate and simple things like a new overflow tank and raditor caps? Would you make some similiar recommendations?
i had the EXACT same problem with my car overheating, there was nothing wrong with the engine, my thermostat was sticking, and it was replaced. after that, it never overheated again and its been 4+ months since that happened and its been replaced. my want to replace thermostat or have it looked at before spending money you dont have to....
My car overheats periodically as well the thermostat has already been replaced and it has been leeking cooliant on the ground what could be the problem?