Low Beams on car dont turn on? on 1998 Hyundai Accent

Only the high beams work, everything else functions as well.
How can I get this fixed so I will be able to drive in the night time?

There is a relay a fuse and a fuse link in the head lights circuit the good news is looking at the wiring diagram these are OK if the high beams work. It is possible that both low beam bulbs have failed. At the head lights the orange /blue wire has power (12V) when orange/white wire gets grounded by the head light switch the head lights work. When the head light switch grounds the orange/yellow wire the low beams should work. Check for power at the bulb first, ground the orange /yellow wire if the light doesn't work the bulb is bad if you have power and grounding the orange/yellow wire makes the low beam work check the orange /yellow wire right back at the switch, ground it there if the light Low beam comes on power, relay, fuses, bulb and harness is good they switch is probably bad.