2003 Ford Taurus Q&A

2003 Ford Taurus Question: low beams not working all ohter lights work

when i turn on the head lights all other lights work but not the low beams checked both power box under the hood and in the car all fuses working replaced pass side head light same thing low beams not working -
Answer 1
It appears that you have done about all you can do without a wiring diagram and a volt/ohm meter. These will be needed to diagnose the electrical circuits related to the low beam headlights. You may find a wiring diagram online or in a repair manual! -
Answer 2
cheack the ground from the light it self -
Answer 3
if your car has day time running lights the drl module is probably gone mounted in front of rad tough spot to get at. -
Answer 4
Headlight/Turnsignal switch is a common problem,Chances are if brights work check on switch that dims lights -