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2003 Honda Pilot Question: low beams dont work

I changed my lights when i realized my low beams didnt work, checked fuses, all other electrical functions work, the high beams even work! what do i have to do??? -
Answer 1
I always start with a voltmeter and an electrical schematic and start checking voltages. The parking lights and high beams are on a separate circuit. To my knowledge there is no common issue with Pilots low beams not working. The only way to find out is to get an electrical troubleshooting manual, use a voltmeter to trace where the problem is. -
Answer 2
My 2003 Honda Pilot had the same type of issue - no low beams, or fogs, but the high beams worked fine, as did the parking lights. Turned out to be a defective combination switch and wiring harness. Honda has a service bulletin on this, #07-027, and the repair kit was in stock at my dealer, which says this has happened to others. http://ww2.justanswer.com/uploads/acuramstr/2008-05-06_204805_pilot_head.pdf Might be worth asking your dealer if they will do the work on a "goodwill basis." Regards -
Answer 3
I check the fuse is good -