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Love Field Auto Inc
January 18, 2013

I had my 2003 Ford Expedition towed to Love Field Auto upon breaking down and was informed by Randy Newbury (owner) that the engine required complete replacement. I agreed to the telephone estimate of approximately $5224.00. On December 27, 2012, I arrived at the shop to pay for and pick up my vehicle after repairs had been made. I was asked by Mr. Newbury to pay by debit card (whereby I entered my pin number) and I agreed. Upon approval, he gave me the keys and walked out to my vehicle with me.

Upon opening the vehicle interior, I was met with total shock upon finding the interior severely destroyed and damaged including the steering wheel completely "chewed" away all around, large and multiple deep holes in both front seats, large "chewing" out of both door panels, the center console, the dashboard and carpet on the floorboards. The car had a severe smell of urine and feces as well. There was foam from the interior of the seats all over the dashboard. The contents of the console as well as everyday trash from under the seat was all over the car and "torn apart" as well.

Upon questioning, Mr. Newbury told me that he "forgot to tell me" a rat had gotten into the car while it was in the shop. In addition there exists electrical damage caused by the rat chewing through wires underneath the drivers seat. He immediately stated he wasn't responsible for rodents.

He admitted during that in person conversation, as well as a subsequent telephone conversation on 1/15/13 that the windows had been left down while it was in the shop and in his possession, which he states is routine. It was obvious the windows were left down by the dirt and rat paw prints left on the driver side door where the rat obviously gained entry through the open window.

After a short conversation, he stated he would make good on the repairs and would attempt to locate replacement parts for the interior and contact me when he had them in. In addition, the following day on 12/28/2012, he sent me to Soft Touch Car Wash on Mockingbird Ln. and covered the cost of a complete detail of the interior of the vehicle including removal of the seats so that the carpets could be thoroughly cleaned and deodorized. The owner of that car wash Mike assured me that Randy was an honest guy and he would make good on the repairs. The interior cleaning was satisfactory and removed approximately 90% of the odor caused by the rat.

Weeks passed, several phone calls were made to Mr. Newbury with broken promises to return my calls. Finally, on 1/15/13, he called and told me he had gotten some parts from a junkyard. I asked him about the seats and he said I could either put seat covers over them or he would have to take them out and send them to a trim shop. I then asked him if he was going to cover the cost of a rental while the front seats were gone and he said no, and again repeated his assertion that he wasn't responsible for the rodents. He asked me if I thought he should "sit out in the shop with a shotgun." I told him that I wanted to avoid litigation and taking this matter further, but he replied that he would "take his chances" and that he had no intention of repairing everything that was damaged while in his possession.

In addition, an American Fender Stratocaster electric guitar in a soft black case was missing from the rear of the vehicle upon my pickup. Once again, he stated he wasn't responsible, which I would normally acquiesce to. However, it has already been established that he and his business acted negligently in securing my vehicle while in their possession. The windows were left down and it is no surprise that numerous individuals could have accessed the vehicle during that time. I ended the conversation telling him that I would pursue other remedies and that I would not agree to a partial, substandard, junkyard repair job.

I have been completely shocked at the disgusting treatment I've received after spending $5200 DOLLARS with this small, local business. I would have rather been ripped off by a larger repair shop than to have to deal with this unethical, unimaginable treatment.

MY ADVICE IS TO STAY AWAY from this shop. I'm being forced to sue this business in court just to have the damage they caused repaired to my car. ALL THAT, after spending $5200 of my hard earned money with this man. Very sad.

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Reply from Love Field Auto Inc -  LOVEFIELDAUTOJanuary 20, 2013 14:29

In response to Mr. Larry D. post. Yes he did have his vehicle here for repairs. Yes a rodent got into his vehicle and chewed up the interior. When the vehicle was inside the shop the windows were left down, and when it was outside the windows were rolled up.
But what he has not stated was that his vehicle was here for approximately 60 day waiting on him to come up with the funds to do the repairs.
He also did not state that he is a dog trainer and that the interior of his vehicle was littered with dog food that attracted the rodent to his vehicle.
I told him that if he wants to leave his vehicle here that I could not be responsible for it sitting in my parking lot. I did not charge him any storage charges for holding his vehicle at my shop while he was getting the funds together to pay for the repairs.
Neither I nor my employees saw a guitar in his vehicle. If we would have seen one, we would have removed it. When he picked up his vehicle he inspected the whole interior and did not mention the guitar at that time. He called me the next day to tell me that he had one in his vehicle.
Don’t you think if you have valuables in your vehicle that would be sitting for 60 days that you would come and retrieve them? I will be happy to file a police report so he can claim the electric guitar on his insurance.
I told him that I would buy the replacement parts for his vehicle and I have them here to put on his vehicle. It took a couple of weeks to find the right parts that were in good condition for his vehicle. I don’t think it is too much to ask of him to pay for a rent car for a day to go to work or to get a ride from someone. I would have the vehicle repaired the same day. I would have his entire vehicle repaired at no cost to him.
He also did not state that when he called me that he was very violent with his words towards me and my employees. Saying that, “Your employees would not pass a background check” and “I’m a really bad Son of a B@tch, I will hire F@@@ing Mexicans to stand out in front of your place and picket your business.”
I feel that I have done all I can to make this situation correct, but I guess you can’t satisfy everyone.

Love Field Auto Inc
May 10, 2011

Ford Explorer Sport Trac

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Love Field Auto Inc
January 02, 2011

The owner, Randy, is probably one of the most down-to-earth guys I have ever met. Naturally intimidated when it comes to auto service, I was immediately at ease when I met the owner. He speaks in laymans terms, is friendly and willing to bend over backward for his customers. Explains his 99.99% score w the BBB. I wont go anywhere else. Send everyone who wants FAIR, HONEST treatment.

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Love Field Auto Inc
February 09, 2010

Each time I have taken my car to Lovefield auto, I've received great honest work at fair price. I have had my starter replaced, tires rotated, engine belts replaced.

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