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2008 Honda Civic Question: loud vibration

When I first start my car their is a loud vibrating noise under the hood, sounds like an part of the exhaust, maybe a heat sheild or something. It goes away after driving for a while and every thing heats up, any ideas ? -
Answer 1
Its hard to speculate what a noise could be without being able to hear the noise first hand. It could quite possibly be a cracked or warped exhaust manifold that indeed as it warms up could cause the noise to go away. Best to get it checked out. -
Answer 2
I HAVE THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM!!!! Have you had any luck discovering the culprit??? -
Comment 1
Yes it was the motor mount on the passenger side. I replaced it myself. -
Comment 2
is it costly to change the motor mount.......is it gear mount or the engine mount..... -
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In some cases drive belt noise can be heard from the passenger compartment. Installing a new updated belt from Honda and rerouting the belt is needed will commonly correct this noise issue.