loud roaring noise when driving over 25mph on 2002 Mitsubishi Mirage

car was checked out by a mechanic and AAMCO but my car makes a loud jet plane sound when I am driving at a speed over 25mph seems to no do it ONLY when turning to a sharp right...nobody can figure it out. Just had it inspected and tire rotation and oil change ..Any guggestions? Also have new tires and had a 4wheel aligment check..

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My car was making that exact same noise, I took it to two places who had no idea what it was until I brought it in for recall on spark plug and THEY told me, both front hub bearings are so bad your car is borderline unsafe to it fixed and it's not making the noise anymore
Im having the SAME issue with my 2007 Honda Civic! It started a few months back and just seems to be getting louder. Sounds like its comming from the back. Only stops when im making and hard right turn or occasionally when i go over a large bump. Confused. I got my car through Carmax and have total coverage and GAP insurance. Hopefully they cover that. But now hearing what you huys have posted, i now have better knowledge of what the problem may be!
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This sounds like a failing front wheel bearing. Have the shop check them out!
Thank You very much...sounds like it could very well be that...