loud reverse sound on 1997 Volkswagen Golf

when i put the car in reverse it make an extremly loud whine with slight grinding sound. its a 5 speed an it goes in reverse fine just the noise is awful, it dont slip.

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I am going through the same thing. the bad news is reverse is going to fail soon depending on how lightly you baby the clutch. If you over do it the debris from the exploded gear will cost you a $1,200 tranny before labor. Now the good news my tranny guy said there is a panel on the tranny where you can replace just that reverse gear without buying a tranny. The gear is $80 to a $100 he quoted $500.oo beans out the door. unless your a shade tree mechanic consider this option. I know its costing him more like 200 for the job but wtf guys gotta pay the payroll i guess
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Sounds like an internal transmission issue, but I would have a mechanic listen to it, they'll be able to determine that pretty quick if it only happens in reverse.