Acura TSX Problem Report

Acura TSX Loud Rattle Type Noise from Engine After Cold Start

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A loud rattle type noise may be noted from the engine after a cold start. This can be caused by a faulty valve timing control actuator. Replacing the failed actuator will commonly correct this noise issue.

after start car makes a noise for a couple seconds then go away -
On first startup, rattle noise heard from engine bay, once in a blue moon but annoying. -
Same issue, rattle on cold start... -
Same issue -
Loud grinding, plasticky rattle from engine on cold start -
Same issue...horrific noise made at cold start. Need to take it in. Wanted to check here first. -
A loud rattle type noise may be noted from the engine after a cold start. -
Started making rattling noise upon starting car. Now is happening everytime I start my car. -
As described - loud rattling noise upon cold start. Not yet repaired. -
My 2009 TSX has an intermittent rattle or ping when accelerating. It doesn't seem to matter if at low or higher speed. Took it to the dealer a couple of times when first noticed and they said they could not duplicate the issue while test driving it. It's been a couple of years, so I will check with them again. -
loud rattle for a few seconds in the morning near the engine cover . usually doesn't do it again until it is cold. -
At just under 16,000 miles I am hearing a rattle upon start up in the morning or after the car has been sitting for a few days. It quickly goes away and doesn't happen anymore for the rest of the day. I have an appointment with the dealership to correct the problem. It is still under factory warranty. Im glad to hear other people have experienced the same issue. I love this car and want it fixed. Ive had it 3 years and have had no other issues at this time. -
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