2004 Dodge Durango Q&A

2004 Dodge Durango Question: loud rattle from engine what can be problem

drve to work fine, went to leave and started and had loud rattle, shut down and have not restared,oil is changed every 3000m and i have 80,000m on truck, no oil leaks so i dont think the block got damaged, is it possible rods let go -
Answer 1
you need to determine if its upper or lower end noise -
Answer 2
What engine is in the vehicle? -
Answer 3
Make sure oil level is OK, make sure oil light comes on when the ignition key is turned to the on position engine not running and goes out when the engine starts and runs. It could be many things, unfortunately and without hearing the noise first hand or being able to do some basic diagnostic tests or be able to drive the car, its hard to say what the source of the noise may be. It may not be safe to drive or may do more damage (hopefully it's nothing to be concerned about) but get it checked out by a mechanic to put your mind at ease! -