2005 Infiniti QX56 Q&A

2005 Infiniti QX56 Question: Loud pop sound is heard & felt beneath floorboard of QX56 when turning & braking

a loud pop/snap sound occurs from the underside of my QX56 whenever I make sharp left or rght turns; am reversing & apply my brakes &/or turn steering wheel; and sometimes just when applying brakes. I can feel the 'pop' under my feet, and the loud sound can be heard from both inside & out! (Is this dangerous? What is this awful noise?). Thank u!!! -
Answer 1
No way to tell how dangerous till inspected. Sounds like stabilizer bushings problems. If can needs to have inspected at a shop while on a drive on rack so can see what is happening with weight of car on the front end. This could be sign of something dangerous. -
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I too am having the same issue with the same exact vehicle. Had it at the Infiniti, and a nissan garage and they haven't been able to locate the source. It has to be some kind of suspension component or something. I've recently had my manifolds replaced, but that didn't cure the popping sound so it wasn't the manifolds rattling against anything. It would literally make my day if someone could diagnose, and repair this problem. -